Lubricants for Suriname

Lubricants: Top-Quality engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils and more Made in Germany!

Lubricants for Suriname: We are an independent German lubricant wholesaler catering to clients in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our focus is on delivering tailor-made, high-performance oils and lubricants made in Germany.

Lubricants made in Germany
Automotive and Industrial Oils & Lubricants Made in Germany!

Our high-performance German lubricants for export to Suriname are available in the following packaging units:

  • Round bottles from 500 ml or 1000 ml
  • PE canisters 4 l and 25 l
  • Steel bung drums 60 – 200 litres
  • IBC 1000 litres
Lubricants for Suriname
Oils and Lubricants for Suriname
Industrial oil for Suriname
Industrial oil for Suriname

Engine Oils

SAE 0 W 20, SAE 0 W 30, SAE 0 W 40, SAE 5 W 20, SAE 5 W 30, SAE 5 W 40, SAE 5 W 50, SAE 10 W 30, SAE 10 W 40, SAE 10 W 60, SAE 15 W 30 and SAE 15 W 40

Engine oil for Suriname
Engine oil

Gear Oils

SAE 80 W 90 GL4, SAE 80 W 90 GL5, SAE 75 W 80, SAE 75 W 90, SAE 85 W 90 LS, SAE 85 W 140 GL-5 and SAE 75 W 93

Automatic Transmissions Fluid

Dexron II, Dexron III, ATF X6 and ATF X7

Commercial Vehicle Oils

SAE 10 W 30, SAE 10 W 40, SAE 15 W 40, SAE 15 W 40 LA, SAE 5 W 30 HC – LS and SAE 20 W 50

Hydraulic Oils

HLP 10, HLP 15, HLP 22, HLP 32, HLP 46 HLP 68 and HLP 100

Industrial Oils

Spray Oils, Compressor Oils, Turbine oils, Formwork Oils, Cutting Oils, Grinding Oils, Heat transfer OilsOil

Oil and gas industry / Offshore / Maritime Oils

Valve sealing compounds are crucial components in various industrial applications, including fracking, eruption cross valves, gas storage facilities, and wellhead operations. They ensure the effective sealing of valves to prevent leaks and maintain operational integrity, especially in high-pressure environments like fracking sites and gas storage facilities.

Transformer oils

Brake Fluids

DOT 4 and DOT 5.1

Motor Cycle Oils

SAE 10 W 40, SAE 15 W 40, SAE 5 W 50 and SAE 20 W 50 as well as
Mixed Oil mineral, Mixed Oils Semi Synthetic and Mixed Oil Fully Synthetic

Sliding Oil

Slide and Bed Track Oils – Sliding oils are crucial for the smooth operation and longevity of machinery, especially in applications where there is significant sliding movement, such as in gears, bearings, and sliding surfaces.

White Oils for pharmaceutical and food industry

Medically pure, free of taste and smell white oil. Mainly used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector, in the food industry, in medical technology and in agriculture.

Chain Saw Oils

Also offered as biodigrable oil for chain saws.

Agricultural / Tractor Oils

Oils for tractors and their hydraulics

tractor oil
Tractor oil


Our offered greases cover a wide range of industries and mechanical systems where greases are commonly used for lubrication, sealing, or protection against corrosion.:

  1. Lubricating greases play a vital role in maintaining wire ropes used in offshore and onshore drilling rigs, as well as drilling ships. These greases reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and prolong the lifespan of wire ropes, thereby enhancing safety and efficiency in drilling operations.
  2. Gearboxes and transmissions
  3. Systems requiring flowable grease (e.g., centralized lubrication systems)
  4. General-purpose lubrication for bearings and gears
  5. Gearboxes and transmissions, especially under high-pressure conditions
  6. Sealing and separating purposes in automotive and industrial applications
  7. High-temperature applications, such as oven conveyor chains and bearings
  8. Long-term lubrication for heavy-duty equipment components
  9. Heavy-duty applications requiring extreme pressure (EP) performance
  10. General-purpose lubrication for a wide range of applications, including bearings and gears
  11. Environmentally friendly general-purpose lubrication
  12. General-purpose lubrication for bearings and gears
  13. Lubricating rolling element bearings, such as ball and roller bearings
  14. Low-friction lubrication for rolling element bearings, minimizing energy loss
  15. Long-term lubrication for various components in different applications
  16. Heavy-duty applications requiring extreme pressure and shock load resistance
  17. Lubrication for rolling element bearings with good water resistance and corrosion protection
  18. Gearboxes and transmissions, especially in low-temperature environments
  19. Lubrication for rolling element bearings, gears, and other components
  20. General-purpose lubrication suitable for various applications, including bearings and gears
  21. General-purpose lubrication available in red color, suitable for various applications, including bearings and gears

Discover the Versatility of Our Lubricants and Oils – Ideal for various Applications and Industries in Suriname!

Welcome to Your Trusted Partner for Superior Lubrication Solutions!

We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality lubricants and oils tailored to meet the unique demands of various applications and industries. Our commitment to excellence extends across the automotive sector, industrial machinery, manufacturing, construction, metalworking, transportation, agriculture, mining, forestry, marine applications, and beyond.

Explore the versatility of our lubricants, meticulously designed for optimal performance and longevity. Whether you are in the automotive industry, managing industrial machinery, overseeing construction projects, or operating in other specialized sectors like for marine applications, our lubricants are crafted to exceed your expectations.

With a focus on quality and innovation, we provide engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, and more, all made in Germany. Our lubrication solutions are not only versatile but also designed to meet high-performance requirements, ensuring reliability in every application.

Automotive Sector:

  • Engine Oils for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Gear Oils for transmissions and differentials.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid for smooth shifting.
  • Commercial Vehicle Oils for heavy-duty applications.

Industrial Machinery:

  • Hydraulic Oils for hydraulic systems.
  • Industrial Oils for diverse applications such as slides, bed tracks, compressors, formwork, cutting, and grinding.

Manufacturing and Production:

  • Industrial Oils for use in machinery and equipment.

Construction Industry:

  • Formwork Oils for construction projects.

Metalworking and Machining:

  • Cutting Oils for metalworking processes.
  • Grinding Oils for precision machining.

Transportation and Logistics:

  • Brake Fluids for reliable braking systems.

Agricultural Machinery:

  • Engine Oils for tractors and agricultural equipment.

Mining Sector:

  • Gear Oils suitable for mining equipment.

Forestry Equipment:

  • Engine Oils for forestry machinery.

Marine Applications:

  • Engine Oils for marine vessels.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):

  • Tailor-made lubricants for equipment manufacturers.

Aftermarket Retailers:

  • Lubricants for retailers with their own brand labels.

Petroleum Industry:

  • Specialized support and knowledge services for petroleum companies.

General Industrial Applications:

  • Versatile lubricants suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

High-Performance Requirements:

  • Lubricants designed for high-performance applications.

Choose oils and lubricants for Suriname for superior lubrication solutions across diverse sectors, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.