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„Suriname Supplies“ by AAAgiler GmbH, Germany, is the „industrial outfitter“ for Suriname’s thriving industrial landscape, encompassing its rapidly expanding oil, mining, construction, marine, and offshore sectors. As a wholesaler, we export top-quality industrial supplies, proudly bearing the labels of both „Made in Germany“ and „Made in Europe,“ ensuring excellence in every product.

Elevate your industrial operations with our high-quality industrial supplies tailored for Suriname.

Suriname Supplies for the industry

Delivering Industrial Supplies to Build Suriname’s Future Industries.

DEDE Industrieausstattung, the wholesale division of AAAgiler GmbH based in Germany, takes pride in being a German exporter specializing in top-tier industrial supplies. Our commitment is to cater to the unique requirements of Suriname’s dynamic oil industry. Crafted with precision and reliability synonymous with German engineering, our industrial supplies offer a seamless fusion of advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail. In the demanding landscape of the oil, offshore and mining industries, where durability and safety are paramount, we export robust and enduring solutions tailored for the challenges.

Our interdisciplinary global team comprises engineers, business professionals, and aspiring scientists, dedicated to providing comprehensive technical advice. Almost all of our team members speak English as well as German fluently, a few speak in addition French and a number have an Indian background. In collaboration with our specialized suppliers, we ensure that even the most intricate queries are addressed promptly. We bring the latest Industry 4.0 and customized AI solutions to Suriname’s industry, enabling you to stay at the forefront of efficiency and productivity.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our technological solutions, including the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0. From oil fields with thousands of sensors generating vast amounts of data to customized AI solutions, we empower your operations with cutting-edge technology.

Industrial Supplies Suriname
Industrial Supplies Suriname

Optimizing Oil and Gas Production through innovative Technologies and Data Simulations

Our platform revolutionizes oil and gas production by integrating data- and physics-based simulations for comprehensive large-scale projects. By running multiple scenarios, we enable precise forecasting for the future.

In an oil field, thousands of sensors continuously generate data. This data may exhibit irregularities such as missing or incorrect values, noise, and variations in sampling times and rates. Generating high-quality data is crucial to gaining a deep understanding of the physics of the underlying reservoir and production network before it can be utilized for enhanced processes.

Suriname Supplies offers tailored Solutions and Customized Industrial Supplies

Collaborating with an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers in Germany and Europe, we offer tailored solutions for Suriname’s industrial landscape. Recognizing the diverse requirements of the oil and offshore industry, we provide a comprehensive range of industrial supplies, each designed to address specific challenges.

Compliance with International Standards

Our commitment to quality extends beyond borders. We adhere to the high standards set by the European Union (EU) and Germany to protect employees and the environment. Rest assured, our industrial supplies meet and often exceed international standards, ensuring compliance and safety in every aspect of your operations in Suriname.

Responsive Technical Customer Support Team

As a fast-growing industrial wholesaler, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our responsive technical sales team is ready to assist you at every step, providing tailored solutions and guidance to meet your unique needs. Partner with us and experience the power of German quality.

Industrial Supplies Offered by Suriname Supplies

Protective Work Clothing and Workwear: Ensure the safety of your workforce with our comprehensive range of protective work clothing and workwear designed to meet industry standards by Suriname Supplies.

  • Chemical Protection: Our work clothing can be equipped with special materials to provide reliable protection against chemical hazards.
  • Heat and Flame Protection: Our garments are designed to protect against heat and flames, crucial in environments with high temperatures and sparks.
  • Arc Flash Protection: Our work clothing incorporates protective mechanisms to shield against the dangers of arc flashes.
  • Machine Protection: Our clothing provides protection against moving parts and potential hazards when working with machinery.
  • Welder’s Protection: Specially designed clothing to repel sparks and welding splatter during welding operations.
  • Antistatic: Clothing to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharges in relevant work environments.
  • Warning Protection: High-visibility work clothing to ensure visibility in heavy traffic or poor lighting conditions.
  • Weather / Sun Protection: Our work clothing offers reliable weather and UV protection, suitable for challenging offshore environments.
Cooling Helmet Sweatband
Cooling Helmet Sweatband, soak in water for cooling effect
Fire resistant overall for hot weather
Fire resistant overall for hot weather, especially developed for the offshore industry, 40+ UPF rated fabric to block 98% of UV rays

Customized Industrial Supplies: Suriname Supplies offers tailored solutions to meet your unique industrial requirements, including non-corroding FRP structures and components for oil rigs.

Markings and Labels: Enhance safety and workflow with our high-quality floor markings and labels, featuring barcodes for efficient tracking. We also offer long lasting, UV-resistant infrastructure marking signs, e.g. power lines, water / gas pipelines, chemical plants, bridges and tunnels etc.

industrial floor markings
Industrial floor markings
industrial marking signs
Industrial marking signs
construction structure marking signs
Construction structure marking signs, e.g. for bridges und tunnel

Escape Route Markings: Fluorescent also called glow-in-the-dark markings suitable for offshore and industrial environments.

Special Adhesives / Adhesive Tapes: Industrial-grade adhesives for effective bonding in various processes, including underwater applications.

Special Technical Chemicals and Cleaning Detergents: Technical chemicals and cleaning detergents for industrial equipment, machines, facilities, and vehicles. Discover our premium products in a range of packaging options tailored to your specific needs. Choose from PET and steel bottles, available in both round and dosing formats, ranging from 10ml to 1 liter. For larger quantities, explore our PE canisters in 4 l and 25 l sizes. Industrial applications are served with our steel drums, ranging from 60 to 200 liters. Need bulk quantities? Opt for our IBCs with a capacity of 1000 liters. Enjoy flexibility and variety – our packaging solutions are designed to seamlessly adapt to your requirements. Experience top-notch quality in packaging that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Additives: Various additives for gasoline, diesel, and LP gas systems, including those for swimming pool maintenance.

Professional Cleaners: A range of cleaning products for different applications, including industrial and machine cleaners, disinfectant cleaner, brake cleaner, path cleaner, fireplace and oven cleaner and more.

Fireplace and Stove Glass Cleaner
Fireplace and Oven Stove Glass Cleaner

Working Mats and Rig Mats: Ergonomic and oil-resistant mats for a comfortable and safe working environment, including drill mats for oil rigs.
Furthermore, we offer core trays to store drilling cores in various diameter.

core trays to store drilling cores
Core trays to store drilling cores

Anti-Slip Solutions: Solutions for floors, stairs, ladders, and handrails to promote a secure working environment, with specialized options for the offshore industry.

Anti-Vibration Solutions: Products to minimize vibrations and ensure smooth operations, protecting both equipment and personnel.

Noise Protection Solutions: Materials and technologies to create a quieter work environment.

Industrial weighing scales and precise measurement devices: You can only improve something, if you measure it!

industrial weighing scales for Suriname
industrial weighing scales for Suriname

Transport Carts, Long Goods Transport Carts, and Forklift Attachments: Solutions to make internal transport easier.

Special Storage Supplies: Racks, shelves, and containers to maximize storage capacity and maintain organization. Versatile racks for pallets or pipes, engineered for durability and strength.

Fences, gates and industrial safety guards: Fences, gates, and industrial safety guards are indispensable components of security and safety infrastructure across residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Fences serve as sturdy barriers, offering privacy and delineating property boundaries, while gates provide controlled access points for pedestrians and vehicles. Mobile gates with automatic access control (e.g. using apps on mobile phones or customer specific cards) and construction fences are used on construction sites, facilitating temporary enclosure and access control. Industrial safety guards are vital for protecting workers and assets by preventing access to hazardous areas and machinery. Together, these structures contribute to maintaining order, enhancing security, and mitigating risks in diverse environments. Additionally, we offer prefabricated reinforced shelters, safe rooms and panic rooms to protect your workforce.

fences, gates and industrial safety guards
Fences, gates and industrial safety guards
mobile gates for construction sites
Mobile gates for construction sites

Construction Supplies: Elevate your construction projects with our comprehensive range of high-quality building supplies. From durable materials to cutting-edge tools, we provide everything you need for a seamless construction experience. Our products adhere to the highest standards, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety on every job site.

Concrete formwork: Customized concrete formwork and special formwork offer an individual solution for modern construction projects that require a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. These customisable, adaptable formworks are specially tailored to the requirements of different construction projects. They enable the realisation of a wide variety of designs, whether concrete formwork for round concrete walls, silos, basins, shafts, columns, bridge beams or complex concrete industrial/building structures.

concrete formwork customized
customized concrete formwork

Offshore scaffolding including installation: Offshore scaffolding refers to the temporary framework erected around structures or vessels in marine environments such as oil rigs, platforms, or ships. It serves various purposes like providing access for maintenance, repair, inspection, or construction activities. Installation of offshore scaffolding involves meticulous planning, adherence to safety regulations, and specialized equipment due to the challenging environment. Offshore scaffolding installation requires skilled personnel with expertise in rigging, welding, and construction techniques, as well as knowledge of marine safety protocols.

Heavy-Duty Products: Robust solutions for handling or lifting long and heavy objects. E. g. heavy-duty props for up to 40 tonnes (400 KN) and a maximum height of 11.3 m. The heavy-duty prop consists of a height-adjustable end piece with spindle, expandable centre elements and a head piece. The centre sections are available in heights of 0.156 m, 0.312 m, 0.625 m, 1.25 m and 2.50 m.

heavy-duty props up to 40 t / 400 KN and 11 m
Heavy-duty props up to 40 t / 400 KN and 11 m

Skin and Sun Protection Creams: Personalized solutions for skin protection against sun and chemicals.

Skin Cleansing: For the effective removal of stubborn or strongly adherent soiling caused by:

  • Synthetic resin, nitro and gravure printing inks
  • Various adhesives, sealing materials
  • Oils, fats, tar, bitumen
  • PU foams, graphite, resins, soot
Professional skin cleansing
Professional skin cleansing with natural abrases

Industrial Furniture: Durable and functional industrial furniture, including chairs.

Grids, Fences, Barriers, and Gates: High-quality steel or FRP grids and barriers for safety and access control.

In case we do not have a suitable solution on hand, we are committed to searching for new suppliers to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to elevate your operations with unparalleled industrial supplies, setting new benchmarks for excellence, reliability, and safety. Experience the power of German quality supporting Suriname’s industrial sector.

Mobile welding protection wall made out of made of cardboard
Mobile welding protection wall made out of cardboard, M1 non-flamable rated, originally developed for use in nuclear power plant!

Lubricants: Engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils and more- Quality made in Germany!



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